We offer a variety of services from inbound to outbound, social media and chat.  All our services are  customizable to maximize yours and your customer's experience.  Our services allow you to have more free time to focus on more important jobs.

SERVICE 1--Inbound

We can do inbound calls.  We specialize in non profit and foundations.  We understand how important it is to receive these calls and to achieve a successful resolution as quickly as possible.

SERVICE 2--Outbound

We offer outbound calls if a call is missed we can follow up, or if you have a list of numbers to call. 


We offer chat services.  Being able to offer a chat service to clients helps keep an open line of communication and options for your client.

SERVICE 4--Email
SERVICE 5--Social Media

Email sercives are great to keep in contact with your clients and keep them up to date with what is happening in your company.

Social Media is also another great way to help your clients keep up to date with what is going on in your company and to be able to answer questions about your company.

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Encargo Call Center